PRIMARY Saviour (PV)

The concept of Citizen Force is "One for All - All for One". Citizen Force Saviours are an important part of our Nation.

Saviours are those persons registered with the CF and are expected to attend the needs of other citizens, who are in crisis, whenever they are informed or come to know themselves about the crisis of others.  

If you are ready to help 'one' - Hundreds will be at your doorsteps to help you, when you are in need. However, even if you do not participate in any activity of Citizen Force but registered with Citizen Force, yet you are entitled to avail the services of Citizen Force* being a Citizen.

All the Citizens who register themselves with Citizen Force in their appropriate category protect themselves through Citizen Force Central Control Room by forming a human chain, PIN CODE area wise. One will become a prominent person, if he/she opts to be a Primary Saviour.


Primary Saviours are an important part of our organization and we value the time & talents that individuals are willing to share with us.

Primary Saviours are those persons who wish to spare some of their valuable time without expecting remuneration/salary for the services they provide for and on behalf of Citizen Force.

If PVs are assigned any specific work connected with or related to the activities of Citizen Force, CF, subject to availability of funds, may consider for payment of Honorarium/reimbursement of expenses incurred by Primary Saviours as prescribed by the Governing Council/Board.

If interested, please Click “YES” against the question “Do you wish to be a Primary Saviour?” in registration page. You may be be entrusted with specific activities of Citizen Force as and when required. Please contact Citizen Force for information on engagements on an honorarium basis.