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"Torture is a wound in the soul so painful that sometimes you can almost touch it, but it is also so intangible that there is no way to heal it. Torture is anguish squeezing in your chest, cold as ice and heavy as a stone, paralyzing as sleep and dark as the abyss. Torture is despair and fear and rage and hate. It is a desire to kill and destroy including yourself."

Adriana P. Bartow

"No violation of any one of the human rights has been the subject of so many conventions and declarations as "torture"- all aiming at total banning of it in all forms, but in spite of the commitments made to eliminate torture, the fact remains that torture is more widespread now than ever before.’"

-Hon’ble Dr. Justice A.S. Anand, Former Chief Justice of India (1999)

-This anguish continues till today (1999-2013) - CITIZEN FORCE

Dear Citizens!       

The Motto of Citizen Force is “One for All – All for One”.

We follow and it is our endeavour to make the Citizens follow the above motto to evoke a sense of Commitment towards Solidarity and National Unity in the Population of our Nation.

It is the endeavour of the Citizen Force Foundation For Citizens, a Nationwide Charitable Organization licensed under the provisions of Central Act No. 1 of 1956 established for Citizens and National Security, to make the Citizens aware of their fundamental duties under Constitution of India and statutory & non-statutory, moral, ethical and human duties thereby to inculcate the habit of participating voluntarily in the basic duties of State so that no citizen shall be deprived off their fundamental rights or left unattended when they are in need.                                                         

Of course, it is the duty of the State to provide all the basic amenities to all the citizens like safe drinking water, free medical aid, compulsory education, abolition of child labour, ration at affordable prices, minimum support price to farmers, employment to youth, unpolluted environment, immediate response to emergent situations etc.

But it is a known fact that every State has limited financial means and resources, and keeping in view its financial capacity and available means, it has to undertake its obligations of providing all those services falling within the wide scope of in Art.21 of Constitution of India to all citizens, which includes protection of life.

In the present socio-economic conditions, it is found to be difficult either for the Government to provide to all Citizens, or for the Citizens to depend entirely on Government for, all emergency and other basic services, including protection of life, up to their satisfaction.

Having noted the above facts including the following, we have taken up the herculean task of enlightening our Citizens about their fundamental duties under the Constitution of India, The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 [Cr.P.C] and various other Statutes to motivate the citizens to participate voluntarily in the basic duties of State to the maximum possible extent and thereby to involve them in voluntary mutual help services among themselves.

For various reasons, which are delicate and difficult to express, our Citizens are silently bearing the un-measurable, legally or constitutionally undefined Torture, which is decreasing the quality of life and life span. Torture is one of the several causes in decreasing the life span! Can we believe - Our life expectancy is less than the citizens of one of the small neighbouring countries!

Citizen Force, indeed, is focusing on legally or constitutionally “undefined" TORTURE - the Citizens suffering in their day to day life!

Bumpy drive on potholed roads is an exercise in torture for daily commuters. Several motorists have been victims of accident while others complain of back-related problems. Road accident fatalities in our country are reported to be highest in the world. Poor design of roads, culverts and improper maintenance of roads are some among the various causes for road accidents, in which majority of deaths reported due to lack of immediate medical treatment within the “Golden Hour”.

Less said is the better - on the Torture being suffered by the families, relatives and friends of Nirbhaya type victims, or the persons heard of such news, be it in Delhi, Mumbai or Andhra Pradesh or elsewhere across the Globe. I have no words to express my grief on this type of torture, but a robust action plan to protect the Women folk from such barbaric acts, one of the main action plans of the Citizen Force. Look in to “Your Protection - Protect Your Self” theme for more details.

At the same time, it is also our endeavour, while securing the Citizens, to make Citizens aware of their fundamental duties towards co-citizens and Nation to protect our Nation from all possible perils like Terrorism and other criminal acts by anti-social elements.

Child death rates found to be alarming due to malnutrition. According to UNICEF, 1 in 3 of the world's malnourished children lives in India. Malnutrition limits development and the capacity to learn. It also costs lives; about 50 per cent of all childhood deaths are attributed to malnutrition. Malnutrition in children is not affected by food intake alone; it is also influenced by access to health services, quality of care for the child, pregnant lady and lactating mothers. Can we imagine or compensate the torture the mothers of such children suffer? We focus on such issues with the help of organizations working for the welfare of children and pregnant women.

Our special focus is also on the welfare of the farmers and unemployed youth. Our study revealed that our farmers, under inevitable circumstances, using chemical fertilizers & pesticides indiscriminately with fond hope of getting better yields, which is said to be the root cause for rising incidences of chronic kidney diseases apart from number of illnesses including cancer, lymphoma, reproductive abnormalities, endocrine disorders and neurological problems.

It is also our yet another endeavour to protect the environment, the day by day deterioration of which is causing several ailments including congenital diseases, in the best interests of the Globe as a whole. Please peruse the Aims & Objects of Citizen Force for its scope of activities.

Every citizen is a police officer without uniform and every police officer is a common citizen in uniform. Every citizen has been given power of a police officer to ensure peace and order in the society and thus a common citizen can contribute a lot in the maintenance of law and order in the society. Hence, Citizen Force will create a band of Saviours to help enable Police Wings to equip with at least one “Cop in Civil Dress” from each home.

In our endeavour to “Promote Culture of Peace and Lawfulness” each of our Saviours/Coordinators will be educated /encouraged to assist their jurisdictional Police Officers, either directly or through Citizen Force, in preventing the crimes, including certain barbaric acts now being frequently reported, to keep the Citizens, and thereby the Homeland, always safe.

Similarly Income Tax/Revenue/Municipal/Panchayat wings would also be supported by at least one “Voluntary Tax Motivator” in every ward/division of a city/town/village without burdening the public exchequer.

Our appeal to all Citizens is - to become partners of Citizen Force Saviours Team to achieve the aims & objects of the Citizen Force……..

Live and let Live with Pride!!

This is what the Constitutional Philosophy Enshrined in Article 21 of the Constitution.

I, on behalf of Citizen Force, invite all Citizens, Professionals, Doctors, Engineers, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Advocates, Industrialists, Politicians, Bureaucrats, Cine Artists, Para Medical Staff, Government and Non-Government employees, business people and all other persons of the society to be Saviours of Citizen Force to protect ourselves as well as others including our Mother India & the Universe.

Citizen secured  –  Nation secured

National peace leads to Global peace


C.Engg(Mech) IE(I), FIV, BL, PgDCLT
Founder Chairman & Managing Director


Appeal: Some of the information, images & graphics used in this website are provided by some saviours of citizen force. Our organization being not for profit, not using any such information, images and graphics etc., for any commercial purposes or for gain in any way except for educating/assisting the citizens voluntarily for good cause without any profit motive. If any such information, images, graphics etc., are objectionable to anyone or infringes anyone’s personal, statutory, copy or trademark rights etc., the same may be brought to the notice of citizen force by mailing to which will be attended promptly. If any such infringements are caused inadvertently, I hereby convey apologies to the concerned and will remove/modify/amend any such information, images and graphics etc., on receipt of objection from the concerned supported by required information. However, considering the good cause of this organization, if the concerned suggests to use their reference, if any, Citizen Force welcomes them.