Children Safety



Do not accept any work from strangers, even for money.

Never accept candy, money or gifts from a stranger, or an invitation to a movie, etc.

Never get in to a car with a stranger for any reason.

Never give lifts or seek lifts to/from unknown persons

If a stranger attempts to invite you into a car, shout and run, then note down the Registration number of the vehicle from a safe distance, or scratch it in the dirt. Then tell your parents teacher or a policemen.

If a friend gets in to a car with a stranger, even if you have warned him/her not to, note down the Registration number of the vehicle and tell a policeman, your parents or teacher immediately.

Make sure that your parents always know where you are and who are with you .

When collecting for charities, always travel in groups of two or more, and never go inside a stranger’s house.

Teach your children their full names, address and telephone No.

Tell them never to admit to being home alone on the phone or to someone at the door.

Instruct children to look out for each other and tell you when something unusual or suspicious happens.

Report to the police suspicious individuals or vehicles lurking in areas where children play.

Ask a trusted neighbor to provide security for your children if any threat or emergency arise while you are away from home. Offer to do same for them.

Every child should know that police are friends and be able to recognize the uniform and know that a policeman will be receptive if the child is lost or frightened.

Children should be encouraged to play with friends and never in isolated areas or vacant buildings.

Parents should always know where their children are.

Parents should ensure that baby-sitters are known and can be trusted.