SUMMARY OF Government of India Circulars





Transport Bhawan
1, Parliament Street
New Delhi – 100 001
Dated 9th September 2004

No. RT-25028/2/2003-RSC


Sub: Need to build confidence in public for helping road accident victims


Para 2:   xxx xxx xxx  It is with this intention that we had sent a circular to Transport Secretaries/Commissioners with a copy to Director General of Police of all State /UTs regarding the need to build confidence in public for helping road accident victims. A copy of aforesaid Circular issued on 19th February 2004 is enclosed for ready reference.


Exerts from Circular issued by Police Administration of Delhi forwarded by GOI to

All States/UTsvide Lr. No. RT-25028/2/2003-RSC dated 19th February 2004


Para 2: Keeping in view the unnecessary loss of human life, it becomes imperative to train our police personnel undergoing training in various courses (induction and promotional) on the following lines. The police personnel on duty either in police stations or in the hospital should politely put the following questions to the person who brings the injured to the hospital.

    •      (i)        Where have you brought this person?
    •      (ii)       Do you know anything about the case of the injury of the person?
    •      (iii)      May I have your particulars?

Para 3: It is likely that person would answer the first question, may not have an answer for the second and hesitate to reply the third in which case it should not be insisted upon. The escorters should, under no circumstances, be detained in the hospital for interrogation. On the other hand, he should be treated with courtesy.

Para 5:  It is emphasized that the members of the public, who rendered voluntary help to persons injured in accidents should not unnecessarily be questioned and detained at police stations. It has been observed that these orders are not being complied with.

Para 6: It is, therefore, once again emphasized upon all concerned that people who bring accident victims to hospitals be treated with utmost courtesy and should not be harassed in any way. Even if they are unwilling to give their particulars, the same should not be insisted upon.


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