Prevent Vehicle Thefts



• Don’t keep vehicles in your house compound without locking.

• Two wheelers should be kept in the safe places after tying with a chain and lock.

• When you park your vehicle in the parking area, ask somebody to keep an eye over it.

• Never leave the vehicle door unlocked or the windows partially open.

• Make sure that quarter glasses are properly secured.

• Never leave the key dangling in the ignition.

• Double-check all doors (including the boot) to ensure that they are properly secured.

• Etch registration number of your car on the rear & front window screens and windowpanes. Do    not leave valuables in your car even if it is locked.

• Cut down on extra fittings, as these tempt prospective thieves.

• Install a car alarm.

• Never leave important documents in the glove box or boot.

• Never identify your key ring with your name.

• Do not offer a lift to anyone you do not know.

• If someone needs assistance, stop some distance away and communicate through locked doors    and partially opened window.

• In case of theft, immediately inform nearest police station, dial 100