Dear Citizens/Saviours!

We may be in the same situation one day or other in these days. Do not wait till ambulance or police to reach the spot. Rise to the occasion, inform 108 and in the meanwhile arrange to take the injured, in the opposite direction to the expected arrival of 108, by any means to the nearest hospital, be it a private or government. No police harassments or legal complications to the Saviours/helpers. Our aim shall be to provide first aid to the road accident victims in the Golden Hour. No hospital can deny the First Aid. Afraid of Police cases? – Read Supreme Court Judgment and Government of India Circulars!


In case you find any difficulty in performing your obligations in such cases, inform Citizen Force. Citizen Force will take care of legal complications, if any, and, as far as possible, may arrange to reimburse the cost of the First Aid and your legal expenses too, if any, from the concerned.*

Critical four minutes

One of the most common causes of a road accident death is due to loss of oxygen supply. This is mostly caused by a blocked airway. Normally it takes less than four minutes for a blocked airway to cause death.

The ‘golden hour’

The first hour after the trauma is called the ‘golden hour’. If proper first aid is given, road accident victims have a greater chance of survival and a reduction in the severity of their injuries.

No Harassment!

No Police Officer or Hospital Authority shall put you in to trouble of asking or retain you in the hospital or interrogate on anything about the accident... If they ask any questions, which you feel uncomfortable just inform Citizen Force!

With Delhi gang rape case highlighting the perception that people shy away from rushing accident victims to hospital fearing legal hassles, police have come forward to assure residents that they will not face any harassment after helping people in distress.

Delhi Police came out with advertisement titled "whenever seconds count, questions don't", saying that doctors need not wait for police to reach for providing medical aid and the person who brings a victim to a hospital can leave immediately without revealing identity.

"Saving accident victims is now really easy as it is free of interrogation and complicated procedures. You can bring a victim to a hospital and leave immediately with or without revealing your identity.

"Medical aid to the victim will begin instantly and need not wait for police questions. The priority is save a life readily. It is free of harassment," the advertisement read.

A senior police official said there are cleardirections from Supreme Court that doctors in a government or private hospitals must promptly attend to victims without waiting for the police to arrive.
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