Your Protection


Dear Citizens!


Citizen Force will protect you – It is a myth in true sense!

The Fact is – You are protecting yourself, your family, friends and above all, our Nation - Mother India, by becoming a Saviour of the Citizen Force!!


  1. You register yourself with the Citizen Force as Saviour by providing all the required particulars to reach you  in case of any need, either for you      or to any other person.

  2. You, as a Saviour of the Citizen Force, encourage your family members, relatives and friends to become  Saviours of Citizen Force.

  3. Watch regularly the website of the Citizen Force.

  4. Like you, many Citizens become Saviours of Citizen Force. The concept of CF is “One for All – All for one”.

  5. All such Saviours will be grouped based on PIN CODE or Area in which they are residing or Cell Tower Area from which a needy person is calling      through a dynamic program.

  6. You may not know that your neighbour may also be a Saviour of Citizen Force, who may rush to you for your  rescue, if he is informed.

  7. Now an emergency situation arisen! You need help of someone! You wanted to contact Police or Ambulance or  even Fire station. For various    practical reasons like traffic jams etc., they may be not in a position to reach you in the right time or you may not be able contact them. Then?

  8. Along with the above, being a registered Saviour in the data base of Citizen Force, you will contact Citizen Force Central Control Room, from    where messages will be sent to certain Saviours available nearest to you with a request to attend you. Your neighbour or passerby may  be a CF    Saviour and the first person to come to your rescue!
Emergencies do not come only when you are at Home!

  • 1. EMERGENCY: You may be a Student, girl or boy, House wife, elder person, staying or moving alone, not in home or home town. Now you are in an emergency situation and you found there is no one to come to your rescue. Call along with Police, the Central Control Room of Citizen Force; inform your whereabouts with exact location and land mark and what type of help you need. The Citizen Force will inform the same to the concerned police station, if police help is required, or nearest medical service organization, if medical aid is required and simultaneously send messages to the Saviours available within your vicinity or area while making every effort to be in touch with you.

    Attention Please!!
    When a person is in need of any help but not in a position to seek help [in road accident cases etc.,] and if you are the nearest person to him, and if you are also not in a position to help him for any reason, please inform the said situation to Citizen Force. Citizen Force will take care of. Save the life. Similarly if you suspect any criminal activity, please inform Police or Citizen Force – Save the Nation to keep the Globe in Peace!

    Road Accidents – The Golden Hour
    It has long been known that the best chance for survival following a traumatic injury occurs when the injured person is seen and treated within an hour of the event. This hour is known as the "Golden Hour" and the chance of survival for the level one trauma patient decreases significantly after an hour has passed. Paramedics "scoop and run" in a level 1 trauma call. The plan is to waste little time at the scene and to rapidly transport the patient to a level one trauma center.
Had any one of the people (bystanders) looking at him helplessly, dared to take him to nearby hospital by any means, even by stopping any vehicle, he would have survived. Why one could not take the injured in the same RTC Bus to the nearest hospital without waiting for an Ambulance? Fear about Police Cases?

We may be in the same situation one day or other in these days. Do not wait till ambulance or police to reach the spot. Rise to the occasion, inform 108 and in the meanwhile arrange to take the injured, in the opposite direction to the expected arrival of 108, by any means to the nearest hospital, be it a private or government. No police harassments or legal complications to the Saviours/helpers. React fast in Golden Time – Save Life – Their Family. Our aim shall be to provide first aid to the road accident victims in the Golden Hour. No hospital can deny the First Aid. Afraid of Police cases and legal consequences? – Read Supreme Court Judgment and Government of India Circulars!   Supreme Court Judgment GoI Circulars Concern of Prime Minister Mr. Modi GOI Notification Statutory Force of GOI

In case you find any difficulty in performing your obligations in such circumstances, please inform the appropriate authority or bring to the notice of Citizen Force, which will assist you. *

2. Eve teasing: You are going on road or standing in a bus stop or railway station and found some person or persons ill treating or misbehaving with women or others. You feel that it is not safe to interfere, then try to inform your nearest police or police station and if necessary contact Citizen Force. After all, this is not only the fundamental duty of every citizen but also moral duty of every Citizen.

3. Whistle blower: You came to know certain information about committing or about to commit a crime by some person or persons, and you may hesitate to report to police, for any reasons whatsoever. In such situation, please inform Citizen Force as accurately as possible about the information. Your identity will not be disclosed. Citizen Force will bring the information to the concerned authorities. Your single phone call may save hundreds of citizens and Nation too!

Follow Safety Tips for personal safety.

Disclaimer: The voluntary services of Citizen Force depend on the strength of Saviours available in the operational area and the cooperation of various statutory authorities and Citizens. The services provided by the Citizen Force or its Saviours are voluntary services without any promise of compulsory providing any service/reimbursements of expenses etc whatsoever and by whatever name called. Citizen Force is in the process of uniting all the similar organizations and statutory authorities. Most of the services like identifying the location of the help seeker, locating through the aids of modern technology like GPS, Mobile location identification etc., may require the statutory approvals of concerned authorities including the availability of required technology and cooperation of mobile and internet service providers and the Citizen Force is in the process of equipping with the same. This requires lots of personal and financial support from the Citizens, Industry and others and above all, the success of Citizen Force depends on the cooperation of Citizens. These services will be commenced as soon as the Citizen Force Central Control Room(CCR) is established. The territorial areas in which the services, referred to in this website, of citizen force are in operation will be published in this website from time to time as the registration of Saviours progresses. Citizen Force is not a Statutory Authority or a Government Organization but a Private Charitable Organization committed for Citizens and National Security. All disputes of any nature are subject to the exclusive Jurisdiction of the Courts/Forums situated within the City in which the Registered Office of the Citizen Force is situated.